I have always been obsessed with working. My very first job was “Mother’s Helper” for my neighbor at age 9 and I just started collecting hustles from there. Unlike most young entrepreneurs, I wasn’t really in it for the money. I liked making money, but I viewed it as buying my independence to shop and travel where I pleased. I mostly liked collecting experiences, though, and I racked up quite a few:

  1. Mother’s helper/Babysitter (through most of middle school and high school)
  2. Face-painting/Nail painting at children’s birthday parties
  3. Cat-sitter
  4. Referee for Lincroft Soccer
  5. Umpire for Lincroft Little League
  6. Closet cleaner (for a hoarder – my job was literally never done)
  7. Secretary at a law office
  8. Marketing & box office sales for a local theatre
  9. Hype girl for a DJ – basically, got paid to do the electric slide at Bar Mitzvahs
  10. Salesgirl at Victoria’s Secret
  11. Bank Teller
  12. English teacher in Thailand
  13. Caterer (roommate and I catered campus events from our dorm room kitchen)
  14. Admin/coffee maker at Penn English Language Center
  15. Research assistant in South Africa
  16. Research subject in South Africa
  17. Kaplan SAT-prep teacher
  18. House cleaner/cook for a Penn professor
  19. Freedom School kindergarten teacher
  20. Netter Center assistant for Academically Based Community Service program
  21. Baltimore City middle school teacher
  22. Ann Taylor Loft salesgirl
  23. Adjunct professor at Towson
  24. ABS Capital Marketing coordinator
  25. Photographer
  26. AirBNB host
  27. Grant writer
  28. Director of education at Betamore
  29. Entrepreneurship bootcamp teacher at Towson
  30. CEO of Allovue

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